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About me:My name is Frazer Steindorff. I go to school at the University of Montevallo. I listen to Grateful Dead, Phish, Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Panic, etc. I play drums among other instruments i like to dabble with.
Member Since:June 30, 2005
Last Login:November 27, 2012
Location:Pike Road, AL
Birthday:November 14
Music means to me:Music means alot to me. My life basically revolves around music. I listen to anything that gets my groove on. Music to me is the rhythm of life. Without music, this would be a fucked up world. So keep on groovin and listen to what you feel keeps you connected with the rhythm of life.
Schools:University of Montevallo
General Interests:listening to music, playing music, making music, tv, hiking, biking, anything outdoors
Other Distractions:quentin tarantino film collection,family guy, seinfeld, south park


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