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About me:My names John i live in jersey but im a sophmore at California University of Pennsylvania, i like goin to shows, i like meetin new ppl, as long as there chill, i sleep alot, i dont like people without common sense, i like art, i like to eat and love the fact i dont gain any weight...yea thats pretty much it for now.
Member Since:October 17, 2006
Last Login:April 22, 2010
Location:Gladstone, NJ
Birthday:September 17
Schools:Bernards High School,California University of Pennsylvania
General Interests:Sleeping, listening to music, eating, chillin with friends, Biking, Hiking, the beach, swimming, exploring, lookin at art, shit like that.
Other Distractions:Kids,Bad Santa,The life Aquatic,Hackers,Dazed and Confused,Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,The Doom Generation,Trainspotting,super troopers,to kill a mockingbird,its a mad mad mad world,anchorman,forest gump,life as a house,Wizards,american skin,castle in the attic,family guy,aquateen hunger force,the history channel, the discovery channel,Whats on


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