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About me:Percussionist who loves music of all sorts (not so much country though :) Passion for love, life, and the persuit of happiness. Imagining a life without passion would be borring. Love to fish, love to PHISH, love to jam, and love green eggs & ham!!
Member Since:December 17, 2009
Last Login:February 3, 2012
Location:Bartlett, IL
Birthday:November 23
Music means to me:It all started when my heart beat for the first time ... thump-thump ... thump-thump ... Music has been the center of my passion since around age 5 when I got my first drum set. Favorite band at the time whs Paul Simon & Billy Joel. I was raised with a heavy dose of Elvis Presley, The Everyly Bros, Willy, waylon and the boys, Paul Simon (still a favorite), RUSH (all time favorite to this day)! I dig any music that has substance - either lyrically or with intrinsic rythem that makes me want to move.
Schools:Doese anyone really care what schools I've attended? Or what I've studied? Someone who's up on writing code needs to make an easy application for all cell phones - a game like "name that song, or band, or album" where you can send a friend a clip of a song (1-2-3-4 or 5 seconds and let us choose the part of the song) and send it via text msg so they can guess the song, or artist, album, year .... I LOVE THAT GAME!!!
General Interests:Family, business, cars, boats, theology, humanology, and mind blowing sex!
Other Distractions:Distractions? What distracts me from music? Phone calls ;)


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