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About me:I live to spread love and teach hope. I'm a nanny, vegetarian...working on going vegan, future midwife, hippie, yogie, creator, nature lover, snowboarder, hiker, a heart person, a bringer of peace. I'm health food junkie...in other words I refuse to eat anything that doesn't rot. I believe in mother nature and that natural is best. I am insanely in love with my boyfriend, Scott. He is my soul mate, my best friend, my fashion adviser, my other half. I create as a form of therapy, weather it's sewing, making jewelery, or some other crazy project I come up with. I've lived a pretty crazy life, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I was raised by my three brothers, they made me who I am today and I will forever be in debt to them. They helped me see the love in the world, and taught me how to share it with others. I have a strong connection and love for children, they are like the air in my lungs. I also love to be outside...it's where I feel most at home. Weather I'm hiking, swimming, at a festival dancing barefoot, reading or playing with the baby, I can't get enough of the outdoors.
Member Since:June 23, 2009
Last Login:August 14, 2014
Location:North Reading, MA
Birthday:January 19
Music means to me:Music is life
Schools:Northern Essex Community College....soon to be Salem State
General Interests:Saving the planet, gardening, making clothes, sewing, knitting, rolling hemp


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