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Member Since:December 25, 2001
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Location:Athens, GA
Birthday:July 24
Music means to me:The Beatles are where it first started, circa 1983. Van Morrison makes me dance around the house. JJ Cale connected me to my future. Moonshine Still changed my direction in life. Peter Gabriel is a creative genius. The Flaming Lips move me. Widespread Panic is a shit stomping rock band. Phish broke my heart. The Talking Heads sharpen my mind. Beck is constantly growing with me. Hot Tuna is good when the windows are down. Bluegrass in general makes my sun shine. Motown is what I used to catch my parents dancing to late at night. Ray Lamontagne makes me sigh. Paul Simon takes me down memory lane. Lionel Richie can do it to me one more time. Kenny Rogers is an old school cowboy. The Sea and Cake are for sleepy time.

In my life, I've loved them all.


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