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About me:I am a live music junky. I love going to shows and feeling the energy produced by the band and the fans. I have been to shows up and down the East Coast as well as the West Coast. My all time favorite venue is The Gorge Amphitheater in Washington. I had the fortune of seeing one of my favorite bands, Phish, play there. I try to see several different genres of music because each style brings its own energy. I currently live in Charlottesville, VA and am lucky enough to see great bands come through here and Richmond all the time.
Member Since:July 7, 2009
Last Login:March 11, 2015
Location:Charlottesville, VA
Birthday:June 30
Music means to me:To me, music is more than instruments, notes, and artists. Music is the result of people coming together and creating something that can move, touch, and energize anyone and everyone. Music is what can draw thousands of people together from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to one place where they can all coexist happily because they all share the love of the music.
Schools:James Madison University
General Interests:Sports, Coaching, Traveling, Reading, Running (10k's-anything longer is torture), Writing, Cooking, Eating
Other Distractions:My dogs


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