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About me:I'm Jessica.
The boyfriend is Kristopher. <3
I live in MN. Moving to OK. :)
Piercings. <3
Just got my first tattoo. Deff more to come.
Idk what else. :/
I'm new to this.
Member Since:March 17, 2009
Last Login:April 7, 2009
Location:Hibbing, MN
Birthday:February 25
Music means to me:Everything. It's definitely the best way to express yourself.
Especially when you find a band or artist you really dig,
and their lyrics connect to you.
Schools:Hibbing High School.
General Interests:MySpace. But who isn't?
Bring Me The Horizon is my life.
Besides Kristopher. :3
My friends are everything.
Saturdays = me and Chelsea. Plus whoever we find. :D


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