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About me:I'm a native of Baton Rouge.My pre-college days were spent @ Runnels School and I attended LSU for many years as an undergrad in Arts & Sciences. When I get together with friends we usually go out for dinner & drinks followed by a live show or movie.
Member Since:March 25, 2002
Last Login:August 2, 2015
Location:Baton Rouge, LA
Birthday:January 20
Music means to me:Music is an exciting escape from the staleness that can be everyday life. It alows expression between people without the use of words that may dilute meaning.
Schools:Runnels (pre-k to 12th),Louisiana State University
General Interests:Working Out,Current Events.News,Politics,History,Religion,Comics/Graphic Novels/Manga,Anime,Sports Cars (especially BMW M series & Nissan Z series),Microbrews,LSU Sports & the Saints,Live Music,Meeting Smart/Attractive Women,and Traveling.
Other Distractions:My fav tv shows are Arrested Development,Aqua Teen Hunger Force,Battlestar Galactica,Bleach,Charlie Rose,The Colbert Report,The Daily Show,Family Guy,Frisky Dingo,Futurama,Heroes,Metalocalypse,Monty Python,Mythbusters,Naruto,Nova,The Office,Rome,Scrubs,Simpsons,South Park,Star Trek : TNG,UFC,X-Play.


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