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About me:I am a high school student at New Trier High School. I love music of many kinds including, but not limited too, rock, jazz, and blues. I really like using music to make my day better. I also play the guitar. I am related to the web manager and musical archivist of the Black Crowes so I have seen a bunch of their shows.
Member Since:October 14, 2006
Last Login:April 12, 2007
Location:Wilmette, IL
Music means to me:It is an expression that is different to everyone. It is a way to escape and enjoy another person by meeting them through music.
Schools:New Trier High School
General Interests:Music, Guitar, Girls, Hockey, Running, Hanging Out
Other Distractions:Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers, Comedian: Lewis Black, Book: Caught in the Crossfire-A biography of Stevie Ray Vaughan, TV Show: House M.D.


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