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About me:Just call me Mikey. A San Diego-ite. I love going to shows as much as I can...something about real time music that enthralls me. Better see you at a show...bring sum liquor, & whip its...or whatever else you got!
Member Since:April 1, 2008
Last Login:October 18, 2013
Location:San Diego, CA
Birthday:February 23
Music means to me:Everything. Music, family & friends...then food, fun & liquor...& not always in that particular order.
General Interests:Music, art, spirituality, movies, live shows & festys, the whiskey bottle (Maker's!), meeting other people with like passions & obsessions, a good book (although I usually don't finish just jump to another one) the universe in all of its complex simplicities...
Other Distractions:The alcohol usually distracts me from reality, but that's always fun


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