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About me:A Musician. That is what I am. It doesn't really matter what type of music I play. Please listen to my music, it is free for all those who want to hear it. I enjoy making music for those who want to hear it. At the present moment all I really have to work with is a guitar and a cheap Casio keyboard, but I'm working on changing that. I know that all I need is some more equipment and I could make some awesome music. If you help me out in any way it would be appreciated. That means even just listening to my music for the joy of it. I'm really trying to get into electronic music but it is a very expensive thing to do. Slowly I'll save up the money and make some sick Electronic music for all those who want to hear it. Till then I hope you enjoy what I can do by playing guitar, keyboard, and beating on my guitar for drums. More will come as soon as I have the ability to make it. I like to give my music away for free because I believe that you only get as much as you share. Respect the music and it will respect you.
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Location:Indianapolis, IN
Birthday:June 5
Music means to me:Everything
General Interests:Life, Psychology
Other Distractions:Snowboarding, Woodworking, Thinking


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Tue 4/27/2010 8:13PM
Through a long journey of searching through myself I have come to realize a few things and I feel as though the world needs to hear it. What I have to say is no different than anyone else has been saying for