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About me:I love some great music. I enjoy all genres for the most part, although country doesn't strike my fancy! You give me a 20 minute jam and I will give you a 20 minute boogy. I may not dance well, but I feel the music rush through me and it is cause enough to at least wiggle uncontrolably. My idea of a great time is a road trip with nothing but great friends, camping gear and festival tickets in hand. I tend to forget about the constraints society deems necessary to put on people while I am endulging myself with irie vibes. After all, music is ME!
Member Since:August 7, 2006
Last Login:January 20, 2009
Location:Silverdale, WA
Birthday:April 25
Music means to me:Music is a gateway to your soul. When one is in the moment, anything seems possible. I may not be religious, but music has made me a very spiritual being.
Withour music, life will cease to exist. (metaphorically speaking)
Schools:too many elementary schools (army kid),Hood canal school, Shelton middle school, Shelton High school, Olympic college
General Interests:music, music, music, frisbee, disc golf, music, music, hackey sack, music music, cooking, women, cars, building, music, music, good movies, video games, road trips, driving anywhere,and oh yeah, music!
Other Distractions:"Say ello to my little friend"
I love all movies that interest me, so it is to vague for me to list a few. I will read any robert lewis stevenson book or and comic book, and all sorts of magazines. I watch all the regular syndicated tv shows like the simpsons, family guy, csi ( all three of em), or anything else i feel like watching!


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