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About me:i love all kinds of rock, love live shows, and i love taking trips with friends! i'm hoping the music scene really spurs up in the central valley so even ppl who can't travel far can enjoy good live music!
Member Since:August 14, 2008
Last Login:July 24, 2015
Location:Planada, CA
Birthday:February 10
Music means to me:i just love how it can bring clarity, or pacify things and issues, most of all, i love how it brings ppl together
Schools:LGHS grad, currently UCM
General Interests:love soccer, love reading my bible, love playing guitar, friends and food is a winning combination, poetry and just things out side of the box are legit =)
Other Distractions:this site! =p lol, lately poker, and it seems like i'm always cleaning my room, but it never is clean! -.?


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