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About me:Truth Love life. Phood & creative love.. Grateful Dead yall!
I've lived in a Oh, Tn, Fl, Co. (for a minute), Ca.( 4 yrs. now) I love islands! ohio, florida--any islands
Been busy living life and searching for all the Truth in the Universe. I'm also finishing up at SSU ! amen.
I'm a naturalist and some of my goals are to help students of all ages strengthen their connections to the natural environment. People need to have more authentic experiences in the natural world--I'm trying to facilitate that for them and me too..
there's a lot more about me fo sho..what about you though?
Joe Cocker sings, " We're all learning to live together..."
Member Since:February 16, 2003
Last Login:About 3 days ago
Location:Rohnert Park, CA
Birthday:September 5
Music means to me:the MUSIC Temple for me is beyond the scope of human language..words often can not encapsulate the meaning and feeling of music. But...' It Sho feels good.'

Dance to Live and Live to Dance!!
"When I'm moving..that's when I come alive" Spearhead
Schools:Music Engineering School , Chillicothe , Ohio
Nashville State CC, guess where?
Sonoma State U. , Rohnert Park, CA
General Interests:you. drop me a line all good hearted peoples. yo vivo en no. caleafornia..
dancing, playing music, drumming, just about all outdoor activities (hiking, canoeing, camping, etc) and a couple indoor ones
Other Distractions:disc golf. shows. commmmunity. art, literature, vino, bicycling, museums, plays, improv, comedy shows, Being...
people actually being groovy together--like it used to be!


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