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About me:just a chill ass dude from p town...u down with good tunes?? hit me up lets chat...also im tryin to form an experimental jazz-noise band similar to critters buggin, maybe more noisey?? i dont know, but if ur down to jam sometime hit me up...
Member Since:October 17, 2002
Last Login:December 27, 2009
Location:Greenland, NH
Birthday:September 13
Music means to me:freedom of choice, expression, releasing/relaxing/living
Schools:high school sucked, then i went to school for audio engineering in bangor maine...that sucked too
General Interests:vw busses, jams, drums, bass, keys, micro brews, glass blowing
Other Distractions:grateful deads-the drink, mary jane, my drum set, the stone church, space like jams


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