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About me:well damn, i havnt logged onto this shit in way to long, i almost forgot i had it! sorry if i havnt been responding to many messages, hopefully ill be on this thing more now!!
Member Since:August 19, 2006
Last Login:August 16, 2008
Location:Syracuse, NY
Birthday:May 9
Music means to me:music is everything, it sets the tone for a good time, it helps me escape and helps me when im down, music will always be there for you.
Schools:Marcellus Senior High school
General Interests:snowboarding in the winter, hula hooping in the warm weather, making macrame, i also love going downtown to the clubs for electronic music shows, besides classic rock and chill beats i love dance music like house, drum and bass, jungle and psytrance.
Other Distractions:cliff/rock jumping has become a new hobby of mine, my friends have been teaching me how to spin glowsticks which i hope to eventually turn into poi because i dont like spinning at the club its crowded and they get annoying. but im always looking for more things to get into so share some with me!


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