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About me:I play in two bands, In Rare Form and The Brothers Lekas. I dig all kinds of music but mostly the storytellers are the ones that lock me in. I think music is life and life is music... play in front of a young child and you know what I'm saying!

Outside of that, Friends and Family are an important part of my upbringing.
Member Since:January 30, 2002
Last Login:April 24, 2012
Location:San Francisco, CA
Birthday:August 28
Music means to me:EVERYTHING, I listen, but mostly I like to play music. I learned to play guitar at age 18 so if anyone is up for the task you can too become a musician
Schools:U.C. Davis '95
Woodbrige HS '90
General Interests:outdoors, sports, friends, any type of card games, trivia and other usless fun facts
Other Distractions:I try not to watch too much TV but I do love the Simpsons, Nature channel and anything that has wild animals, yeah I like the NFL and MLB and all College sports, that's where the passion is. I dig history since it seems that every geneartion is doing the same stuff.


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