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About me:23yr old bass player in a prog-experi-metal funk-jazz fusion band called Imbala... myspace.com/imbalamusic
Member Since:May 20, 2008
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Location:Wrightstown, NJ
Birthday:May 21
Music means to me:everything... my first musical memory was when i was 5 my uncle used to play santana and cream on his guitar all the and one day he started showing me bass notes on his acoustic... few months later he gave me a bass and i've been playing ever since. music is my heart, soul and mind.
Schools:in college
General Interests:audio engineering, fast cars ( i love vdubs)
Other Distractions:music... just music


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What Happened to Bonnaroo
Thu 5/22/2008 12:37AM
After all the greats...Primus, Radiohead, DMB, Phil Lesh, Trey, Bela Fleck, Petty, Tool, Moe and so on, that have graced the mighty and majestic "What Stage" what's in store for 08? Metallica?! Kanye West?! Now the roo'ers have to listen to Metallica dumping "LOAD"s of thier hate metal to a respectable crowd of 80k. And Kanye bitching about how he dropped out of college, hates white people and has more money then the entire festival crowd. We don't want to hear that crap. I know i don't