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About me:Born and raised in Houston, TX. Found my way to Boston, MA to study Music Synthesis at the Berklee College of Music. After earning my BA, I started working for Turbine Entertainment Software creating custom sounds and music for their online games. This, in turn, led me to begin a lifelong adventure into the mysteries and anomalies of sound design and music composition. Currently, I produce hip hop, experimental, avant-garde, dubby, dancy stuff. The process is ongoing and takes a lifetime for attainment of the higher level. Namaste.
Member Since:December 9, 2004
Last Login:November 1, 2013
Location:Cambridge, MA
Birthday:November 4
Music means to me:Hot, slicked up, lubricated, soft, melty, buttery, psychedelic, bug-out, 4-dimensional hypertransformational seeing beings. 3rd eye opens
Schools:Berklee College of Music
General Interests:electronics, tape machines, turntables, computers, stereophonics, microphones, ping pong, organic food, family, smiles, live performances, b-boy, capoeira, muy thai, beats, tweaks, squeaks, clicks & pops.
Other Distractions:TV must die.


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