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About me:I've been living in Indiana for three decades on and off but I've traveled just about everywhere. Music will do it to you. I love to get down and if you've been to any shows in the last ten years you've probably seen me throwing down. Look closely at the pic and you can see me in the Santa suit on stge with th Flaming Lips at the House of Blues!! What a tripped out night!! I didn't REALLY DANCE though until the last few years. I'm hooked on the Groovatron experience as far as local acts go.. I can understand why Les and Denson have had them open up shows, but until you see the full show experience, you haven't seen these guys. Trust me, it's the best show you'll see under ten bucks. There is more than corn in Indiana.
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Location:Greencastle, IN
Music means to me:The World
Schools:Indiana University
General Interests:Starting cults, wrestling Panda bears, Hinduism, naked Elvis Yoga, ect.


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