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About me:Artist, farmer and music lover. Published in The Albany Review and other smaller publications in New York and Canada. Featured Visual Artist at the String Fling in Sterling NY, 2008.
Member Since:July 19, 2008
Last Login:September 23, 2012
Location:Greenwich, NY
Birthday:April 11
Music means to me:Another way to communicate.
Schools:SUNY-Albany, studied under Dennis Byng and Robert Cartmell.
General Interests:solar and wind power, collaboration of Musicians and Artists, motion
Other Distractions:I like to play with rocks and landscapes.


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hidden frogs
Sun 7/20/2008 4:52PM
hidden frogs
brought you ashore
my knees are bleedin
from i forgot it sinks in mud
beside slippery root
on carving spiced vine omens
with vapors faint green
dragon within dragon
or gargoyles on cliff
bouncing night time reflections
from nervous waters below
hidden frogs
brought you ashore