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About me:I move around a lot but my heart will always be in California. I am eternally addicted to sunshine, but I'm afraid of getting a tan (and then getting skin cancer)! I love being different. I admire women who are fierce and fearless (like Lady Gaga, can't say that I like her music, but that woman lets her freak flag fly). I try to overcome all fears, I don't want to let any thing hold me back from enjoying every minute of my life.
Member Since:March 25, 2009
Last Login:June 14, 2015
Location:Arcata, CA
Birthday:February 12
Music means to me:Music is my therapy. There is nothing like being consumed by the music and letting all the problems of the world fade away.
General Interests:Spending time with my wonderful friends, getting lost in a good book, finding awesome 80s gear at the thrift store, walking my dogs (or being dragged by my dogs) and forcing my cats to go for car rides (at least I don't put my cat on a leash, thats just cruel). I love festivals and camping, and love love love to dance. I love spending time with my mom, we are an unstoppable duo of hips and confidence.


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