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About me:Life is a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death! This is my favorite line from a movie that best describes where I am at in my life. I’m thirty-five and have finally learned to live comfortably in my own skin. I am a loves life passionately personality and to know me is the only way to understand what I am saying. I love to listen to live music and budget permitting, I do so every chance I get. I dig traveling, even if that’s a great drive along the freeways between Akron & Cleveland, listening to my bands jamming & rocking out. I am returning to school in the spring and enjoy hanging out with those who love life as passionately as I do. I love to camp, travel, breaking bread with friends whether that’s cooking at home or out and hanging out with those who enjoy the same thrills that living life to its fullest has to offer. You can find me at local festivals, some of the big ones too, good coffee houses and yes; I’m addicted to Chipotle and good Chinese food. I love it spicy!
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Location:Medina, OH
Birthday:March 12
Schools:Oglethorpe University, Clayton State College
General Interests:traveling, photography - film and just learning digital, cooking, reading, online games ie WOW, hanging out with friends, festivals, canoeing, love being active