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About me:hi! i'm 26 love my family, friends, my cat, mother nature, music, and good 'ol mary jane. i love to go for long walks and spend some time with some good friends and some good tunes!! oh! and i live in lake county illinois and lookin' for some cool people to hang with and see shows with. rock on!
Member Since:November 1, 2008
Last Login:May 3, 2011
Location:Antioch, IL
Birthday:March 25
Music means to me:oh man. what doesn't it mean to me? there's so much to say. i love it. if i couldn't go see live shows i just wouldn't be myself. i get like, this great vibe just being in an audience. the music, the people, what's not to love?
Schools:antioch community h.s.
college of lake county
General Interests:i'm into arts and crafts, singing(for fun lol),learning,people,books(love 'em!), love nature, to be outdoors is such a breath of fresh air! lol lame pun i know. teehee. jam sessions and poetry sessions are cool.
Other Distractions:haha. men who love jam bands,blow glass, and don't wear shoes. yeah jim, i'm talkin about you! lol. little personal joke. love cartoons! animation domination baby! my cat, she loves attention and distracts me constantly! my mind wanders...


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