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About me:I have lived in SoCal,NorCal,Iowa,Oregon,Colorado,and Jersey.....I have traveled to every state but 4...... I'm a unique Mama that is positve and loves having a good time with anybody!!! I love the the four seasons.....my top states Vermont,Colorado,Oregon and beach cities in Cali. Torn between mountains and the ocean!!
Member Since:December 5, 2007
Last Login:April 4, 2013
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:December 29
Music means to me:Relaxing, touches the my soul on so many levels....hard to describe just dance and smile to show what Music means to me!!
Schools:Associate Arts in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies and working on Bachlor Science in Recreation and Leisure Studies
General Interests:Traveling,VW buses, Mushrooms, music, dancing/twirling,down to earth and open-minded kids, camping,hiking,water, relaxing,snowboarding,surfing,etc.....I could go on and on:)
Other Distractions:OOOOOO......so many....where to start....;)


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