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About me:My name is Katie Jane i'm a free spirit

i love life/music/nature/friends&family

cjs has my heart, and i'm ok with that

one of my passions is meeting new people and hearing their story

i laugh a lot
i don't stereotype or pre-judge

honesty is the best policy

i don't have myself all figured out yet, but i'm having a great adventure doing it.
Member Since:September 12, 2006
Last Login:February 11, 2007
Location:Chanhassen, MN
Birthday:November 19
Music means to me:everything

music = love

the vibes and tones of music give off energy just like life

there's music for EVERY emotion

live music is the best
Schools:Chaska High School, MSU Mankato, Normandale Community College
General Interests:Feminism, festivals, creativity, adventures, summer time, sunshine, food, smiling, music, traveling, naps, life, ice cream, rain storms, peace, mary jane, skinny dipping, skinny dipping, kissing, hippie boys, dreadlocks, bare feet, dancing, cruising, snowboarding, rolling rock, smirnoff ice, smoothies, being outdoors, honesty, organic foods, patchouli, Vermont, sunshine, moonlight, stars, Colorado, camping, spending time with my friends (they're my true family).
Other Distractions:Harry Potter, i've read those books more times than i can count.

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