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About me:I really love live music and dancing because it makes me love life and i get the feeling of love.
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Location:Charlottesville, VA
Birthday:October 7
Music means to me:music is my savior-i was tamed by rock and roll.
General Interests:music, hemp, nugs, scarlet zeyla, makin stuff , singing, acting, guitar, mother earth, luvvin, friends family, my dog and music
Other Distractions:live music and MEN

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Sat 12/1/2007 6:51PM

Wow.  Whenever I'm cruisin' down the road with my friends listenin' to Phish I am so amazed at how much I'm in love with good music.  I get overwhelmed that there is something capable of being so great.  Then, I get a little sad feeling because I realize that the band is no longer together and it's all over--and I never got the chance to even see them.  But after I get the sorry feeling for myself, I realize how happy I am to know that their music is still going on.  That everyone is still playing, talking and loving Phish when they hear them doing what they did best together.  I get chills down my arm whenever I hear the ending of The Squirming Coil from NYE '95 at MSG.  It's beautiful!  When I hear Divided Sky I immediately feel this big sense of goodness and a never ending positive outlook.  Run Like an Antelope is the song of my life!  I love that with every song Trey, Mike, Jon and Page knew how to make sound, so full of knowledgeable notes, pitches and emotions.  Phish means everything to me.  Music means everything to me!  The world is just sooo lucky to hear anything by them.  Everyone keep spreading life-music!

music nad me
Fri 11/30/2007 10:08PM

i love how music can suck you in so hard.  and keep you going and filled with it.  dancinn and dancccccin.  and dancin. mm mm.

it;s crazy.  i love music.