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About me:the freedom of speech and assembly and information, coupled with a belief in the universal right of all to a representative democracy, is the best people (as we are now) can hope for. thus i plan to do what little i might in making this reality; that we as equals should lead equal lives.
Member Since:September 5, 2008
Last Login:February 26, 2011
Location:Austin, TX
Birthday:August 26
Music means to me:music makes the world a more bearable place! in this short-ass life...i'd very much like to see as much of the world-- and hear as much of its fine tunage-- as any one man possibly can. jah
Schools:not much
General Interests:ad/hd, profit!, philanthropy?, climbing, knee slappers, gut busters, storms with some T & L, da pizza joints of ny/ct, firesiding, urinating on wal-mart, the works...
Other Distractions:fighting 'n fornicating


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