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About me:Well let's see...I love life and all the beauty that surrounds us everyday. I believe that all people have good in them and sometimes just need someone to have faith in them to bring it out. My hobbies include dancing, knotting hemp, spinning poi (LED and fire), staff spinning (LED and fire), sewing, hula hoop dancing, hiking, jam band concerts, yoga, and I have recently started practicing reiki. Everything else you can ask me. :) peace love and harmonious vibes...
Member Since:June 2, 2008
Last Login:June 15, 2010
Location:Saint Thomas, PA
Birthday:August 20
Music means to me:I could go on forever about music...it is motivating, it is meditaive, it is soulful, it is calming. It is what wakes me up, keeps me going, and puts me to sleep. It is the most beautiful form of art. Music is my best friend.


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