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About me:im very outgoing, love going to festivals, music, life in itself, ready for some more adventure, going out and having a good time is one of my specialties, auburn will always have a special place in my heart, dancing when no ones looking, listening to my favorite songs with the windows rolled down, fun beach trips with the girls, making new memories with the people i love and too many more to list but you get the point...
Member Since:February 28, 2008
Last Login:May 28, 2008
Location:Auburn, AL
Birthday:July 7
Music means to me:wow where do i start...music is something that speaks to your heart in different ways that nothing else can. its special when you find those songs that make you feel good, that change your attitude when your happy or having a bad day. Music to me is like an escape from the real world that no one can take away. Music will forever be in my world
Schools:Auburn University - Junior, ill be transfering to the lovely university of Alabama in the fall. i have to for my major and i really dont care for tuscaloosa
General Interests:white water rafting, boulder climbing ( which im trying to learn how to do!), camping, going to music festivals such as....Bonnaroo, also going to shows and more shows. Im taking some time off of school right now until the fall so my work scheduel basically runs my life at this point which sucks oh well what can i do... im just enjoying hearing new bands and making new memories and having good times
Other Distractions:distractions hmm.... that includes about EVERYTHING. Im prob the most ADD girl out there and im very random at some points and its a little odd oh well love it or hate it. Ritalin rocks my socks off... jk that was stupid to say whatever


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