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About me:I still live in the godforsaken town of Spartanburg, SC... The land of country bumpkins, Applebees & Walmart... Love to be anywhere but here... Asheville to be honest...

I married my high school sweetheart, Jonathan & we have a son named Corbin.... my maiden name... His favorite band is the Beastie Boys, I'm teaching him well...

I have a very close knit group of friends... most of whom I drag along from show to show, festival to festival... Only a couple of them have my passion for music, they're more there for the party... Thankfully, my husband loves the adventure & is a talker, so he manages to meet new & exciting people all the time! Hit me up if your in the area, love to meet people who share my favorite past time!
Member Since:February 23, 2008
Last Login:December 13, 2013
Location:Spartanburg, SC
Birthday:January 13
Music means to me:Music to me is unjudgemental... It can cure the world, it's many shades of gray, it helps people to see other's soul & not apperance, it brings people together & takes you places...
"Art changes people... People change the World!!!"
Schools:University of SC Sparkle City
General Interests:The very obvious live shows, festies, love to cook (I should have went to culinary school), Clemson football, traveling to places I've never been, eating good food, playing golf & killing the boys at some texas hold'em!
Other Distractions:yea i'm a girly girl that loves clothes & shoes, but that doesn't mean i can't set up a tent faster than my hubby...
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