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About me:gotta get outta this place. wanna go to more shows. festival hopping is my near future aspiration. i LOVE dancing to live music, travel, creativity, individuality. i'm an early riser usually. i enjoy many a genre of music... blues, folk, soul, punk, hip-hop, reggae, experimental. anything that makes me move.
Member Since:August 29, 2007
Last Login:May 17, 2008
Location:Tacoma, WA
Birthday:January 7
Music means to me:everything. and then some. i have music for every mood. thats the beauty in it. expression of emotion. i can't stand the top 40 radio stations. they really chap my ass, so to speak. it's just so talent and emotionless.music these days just seems to be imitating what someone else has already mastered. c'mon guys... thats what music is about. express yourself... not the bands that have influenced you.
Schools:diploma+a little college
General Interests:outdoors, art, sewing, drums lately. loooove my new djembe.


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