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About me:yo my names mark im 19 years old and live in canandaigua new york, i love goin on tour and bein a lot kid, most of the time id rather go to a show and stay partying out on lot then goin inside there aint nothing better than shakedown street, i smoke mad weed and party pretty hard, ive done more acid in the past month then most people do in there life and let me tell you its the funnest shit ever, you ever wanna go to a show or just chill out get ahold of me
Member Since:February 5, 2010
Last Login:March 6, 2010
Location:Canandaigua, NY
Birthday:August 29
Music means to me:music is my life, ive grown to like alot more kinds of music than i used too some of my favorites would have to be rusted root, grateful dead, phish, umphreys mcgee, sts9, and govt mule....
Schools:fuck school get high
General Interests:any drug you can think of


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