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About me:just a phellow head trying to make the best outta the life i've been given. grateful to be here & for all that i've experienced! saw the grateful dead at RFK & the Capital Centre in 92, 93 & 95. been going to festivals & shows religiously since 95. been going to raves & "rave" clubs since 92. done phish tour, furthur tour & cheese tour. traveled the US back & forth, up & down many times over. If given the chance to go back & do anything different I wouldn't change a thing- even the times that landed me in the clank- cuz every moment & every situation I've experienced has taught me something new & made me that much stronger & that much wiser in the end. I have to give shout outs to those family that have been there for me along the way- that never let me down, that always looked out, that always accepted me even in my downest of times. It was thru their unconditional love that I learned what real love was & how to accept that love, how to love myself & how to not only love others, but also how to spread that love so there was more to go around. Here's to family...may the old school vibes/love never die!
Member Since:August 4, 2002
Last Login:January 20, 2014
Location:Sterling, VA
Birthday:November 4
Music means to me:music is life!
General Interests:being a mama of 2, watching my kids interact with & experience life, snowboarding, sewing, drawing, writing, rhyming, drumming, dancing, creating, experiencing, living :)


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