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About me:I'm all about live music. I see 60+ shows a year. Love Lolla and Coachella, came alive at Rothbury 1 and enjoy MANY shows with one or all of my teenage daughters.
Member Since:December 4, 2008
Last Login:September 4, 2014
Location:Manhattan Beach, CA
Birthday:September 14
Music means to me:Music is group therapy, poetry, shared experiences, passion, love and togetherness. There's nothing like being at a venue or a festival with 100, 1000 or 100,0000 people all there to enjoy live music.
Schools:SUNY Albany, Lawrence Senior High School
General Interests:Starting new companies, photography, running, biking, nutrition, my wife of 24 years and my unbelieveably cool kids.
Other Distractions:Twitter, Streaming music and blogging


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