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About me:It's all about the music, nothing else. Harlen Simple is a band that will step over every invisible line in music just to push themselves to another level. John Peterson, Erick Thomas, Kenny Morrow, and Travis Williams are not you run of the mill bar band. Notorius for 2 hour sets and no set lists, the band will play any song from any genre that's ever influenced them. "We're gonna play what makes our asses move," says Erick Thomas "it's so much fun just to throw it up in the air and see how it falls. That's why we don't write setlists. It's a hell of a lot more fun to see what you're feelin, whatever you want to play next you play next." by: Billy Daymont
Member Since:November 15, 2006
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Location:Manassas, VA
Birthday:November 11
Music means to me:Passion, feeling, life, happiness, sadness, joy...everything


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