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About me:I am 25 and live in the little town of Talladega, Alabama. I am a secretary at an elementary school. I am single and have no kids. I am always up for most anything.
Member Since:May 27, 2008
Last Login:February 23, 2015
Location:Talladega, AL
Birthday:July 2
Music means to me:Music helps me get through life. If I have had a bad day or I am pissed about something, I can put in a CD and all the hurt or anger I am feeling does'nt matter anymore. If we had no music we would have a hell of a lot more crazy people running around. Music Music helps people grow and live. I need music like I need food!
Schools:High school
2 years of college
General Interests:Getting through life one way or another. Having fun but trying to stay out too much trouble.
Other Distractions:Partying, sleep!


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