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About me:Just a Kentucky Girl at heart even though I am up in Northern Indiana! Love my music! Dancing and having good times shaken it down!
Member Since:March 26, 2005
Last Login:November 27, 2011
Location:Owensboro, KY
Birthday:May 19
Music means to me:Music is my way of life! Was raised that way. Can't wait till the next dance! Have to see it live everyday! And I am always checking out something new! Dancing around the sun! The only way for me to live is to hear music non-stop! And it has to be life every day! Festival's, local bars, somewhere I have to feel a groove of someone esles soul!
General Interests:Living out doors! Hiking Rock Repelling, sky diving you name it! I love feeling the hot sun and hearing music at the same time with the boys drumming on the beach! Yoga, bicycling, mountain biking, outside enjoy the earth!


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