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About me:I am completely unpredictable in some ways (my style and what music I listen to on any given day), and very predictable in others (I need alcohol, cheese, and men to survive). I'm a meanderer in conversation, I try to curb the tendency, but it just happens. I am like a penguin, I need cold weather to feel happy. I'm learning, now more than ever that music is essential to me and the people that I keep close to me. In Japan the radio sucks, my car tape deck is fucked, this lappy has no sound, and I don't have a functional cd player. It's been maddeningly quiet around here. I only like the sound of silence that came from simon and garfunkel.
Member Since:April 16, 2007
Last Login:February 20, 2008
Location:Seymour, TN
Birthday:November 13
Music means to me:The way of communicating without misinterpretation. One of the barriers that stands between me and utter insanity.
Schools:University of Tennessee Knoxville, Trinity-Cambridge; Prague Schools.
General Interests:Playing guitar, cycling, cooking, reading, writing, and hiking.
Other Distractions:Visiting Kirara beach, drinking Kirin, playing guitar, trying to cook Japanese food, man-hunting.


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