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About me:Open mind looking for some good times!
I love learning about new things, I enjoy people who can make me laugh. I want a shaggy English sheepdog that makes me giggle and fall in love with it every time it walks in the room. Along with a tiny toy dog of some kind and have the two be best buddies.
Member Since:September 1, 2005
Last Login:October 2, 2008
Location:Chicago, IL
Music means to me:Music is a way to soothe the soul.
Dance to the music!!
General Interests:Road Trips, Soccer, Bonnaroo, Music Festivals, Outdoors, Adventures,Reading,Dancing, Coloring, Musicals, Animation, Big Buildings, Friends, Family...
Other Distractions:Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and all his movies, Almost Famous, RENT, Crazy looking Trees, Boston Legal, Enders Game, Jazz in the Park, Going out to dinner..


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