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About me:Genres: Hip Hop / Alternative / Independent / Jazz / Soul / Funk / World
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Halogen Media Works.LLC is a network of independent and major music companies offering services to independent and nationally known music artists. The company specializes in the distribution, promotion, marketing, development, and production of artists and live music events mostly in North-America.

Halogen was founded in 1997 by CEO/President Justin Hoy in a modest dorm room in Plainfield, VT at Goddard College. Halogen was created to help musicans on campus and in the local area to get their music heard and distributed natioanlly. Josiah Friedberg and Justin Hoy began to develop the workings of what would become Halogen Media Works.
Member Since:February 18, 2003
Last Login:September 10, 2012
Location:Burlington, VT
Birthday:March 3
General Interests:Hip Hop / Alternative / Independent / Jazz / Soul / Funk / World


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