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About me:Im a down to earth hippy chick who loves the outdoors and music. Camping and a good jam is my favorite way to spend a weekend, during the week I am busy with school but try and squeeze in a good show if I can afford it. Looking to meet people who are into the same jam band/funky beat/techno scene so I dont have to catch all the gigs alone:)
Member Since:April 18, 2011
Last Login:April 24, 2011
Location:Jacksonville, FL
Birthday:March 28
Music means to me:Music=Life. I love to dance and let my soul shine and mingle with others who enjoy the same kinda scene. I love the music makers and the visual art performers and all of the beautiful people who come together and make the shows what they are.
Schools:Florida State College
General Interests:Love and Light, Jedi knights
Other Distractions:Huh? Oh yeah... fuzzy things


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