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About me:I'm Haleigh, but you should probably have already figured that out. I could write the most cliché "about me", but that's not me. As of now these are just compiled words on a screen with my face. I guess here are some things you may not know about me, I'm probably a lot brighter and wittier than you would presume. I write songs and poems I guess just as a form of release. I like watching chick flicks and eating ice cream in my pj's. To me a smile is more than you can say in words. I'm not really sure where I’m going in life, I just know I'm getting out of here, I want to see the world and learn from others about life’s wonders. Sometimes I think I over think things other times I wonder if I think about it too little. I want the kind of you had me at hello love. I guess, I'm a bit confusing, sometimes I think as the movies say it best I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember.
Member Since:May 10, 2008
Last Login:May 11, 2008
Location:Athens, GA
Birthday:February 22
Music means to me:Music to me is not just a thing or hobby it is a way of life. I grew up in a home surrounded by music from elton john to sarah mclachlan. music brings the best out in people. it makes you feel hopeful why you are down. through the roughest points in my life music has kept me going. I sing and one day hope to inspire others through music. so music means a hell of a lot to me!
Schools:i'm still in high school
General Interests:Acting, Guitar, Songwriting, running, fashion, boys, photography
Other Distractions:life in whole


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