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About me:I am 25, I just moved out to Chapel Hill North Carolina. I am a guitarist who is getting a band together and am looking for other musicians. This would definetly be a band that likes to jam and improvise and play many different styles/genres of music. My "favorite" type of music to write and play is boogie based funk rock, or countrified folk with a good beat to it. But I appreciate all genres. I already have a keyboard player but now we just need another guitar,bass, drums and vocals. We are trying to be the best musicians we can be so we can help spread a positive message of love and peace to the world. If you are a talented musician with ambition and have a good care free vibe about your life, contact me! I am looking for people who would be comfortable saying that they are on their own personal quest to be the best.
Member Since:August 14, 2007
Last Login:June 6, 2010
Location:Dubuque, IA
Birthday:April 9
Music means to me:Music is the best, I think we can all agree with that statement...
Schools:St. Ambrose University, University of Iowa
General Interests:Music/instruments, art, reading, animation, movies, peace, philosophy, meditation, and thinking.
Other Distractions:If you are unfamilar with authors Stuart Wilde and David Icke, then do yourself a solid and buy some of their books.

Also, I wrote an episode of Family Guy with my friend and it is better than any episode they have ever created...unless you don't find the idea of Jesus performing an abortion to be funny, in which case you probably won't like our episode. Check it out at


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