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About me:I like people on bikes, who smile at strangers, who don't wash their hair, WHO SEE BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING, who reduce and reuse before recycling, who trip out, who play music, who have sweaty armpits, who don't look in the mirror, who take nothing for granted, who eschew wealth in favor of richness of life, and who like people who do/have the same.
Member Since:September 22, 2007
Last Login:April 21, 2012
Location:Eugene, OR
Birthday:June 3
General Interests:being awesome, irrational elitism, abstraction, activism, home agriculture, alternative lifestyles, altruism, anarco-pacificism, art, backpacking, balance, BATHROOM GRAFITTI, bettering myself, bettering the world, brewing beer, change, combating opression, compassion, conversation, critical thought, DIY as a lifestyle not a hobby, dreams, hand drums, eating, ecology, eradicating poverty, evolution of consciousness, experimentation, exploration, fim, forests, forgiveness, freedom, frugality, gardening, gratitude, green living, harmony, hiking, history, honesty, hope, humanism, humor, imagination, inner beauty, insight, inspiration, integrity, introspection, irrational elitism:). justice, kindness, launguage, learning, literature, love as a REVOLUTION, making a joke out of things that hurt, music, mycology, nature, optimism, outdoor activities, overcoming obstacles, passion, peace, permaculture, personal growth, photography, poetry, possibility, psychedelics, reading, respect, raw/living foods, revolution, riding my bike, satire, seeking, serenity, sex, simplicity, soul searching, spiders, spirituality, sunrises, sunsets, the earth, the ocean, the world around me, transcendentalism, trash sculptures, travel, trust, veganism, vegetarianism, vision, wisdom, wonder, writing, EVERYTHING ELSE!!!
Other Distractions:We are god in what we do
In love, we do
In love, we screw
Love all,
Love you.


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