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About me:I'm a down ass muthaluva. I am a very eclectic individual, but a large part of my life revolves around shows, festies & the like. My rootz will always be here in the rural Philadelphia area, but damn I do love to travel. I am... artist, author, playwright, metalworker, student, dreamer, thinker, sailor, daughter, sister, lover, someday wife and soon-to-be mother~*
Member Since:December 17, 2009
Last Login:January 12, 2010
Location:Upper Black Eddy, PA
Birthday:September 22
Music means to me:... a portrayal of thought, through sound. Sometimes even a visual expression to accompany the audio. I am always influenced both physically and mentally upon listening.
Schools:Palisades High School, Lehigh Valley
General Interests:snowboarding and surfing from time to time, body modifications, creating, hoarding random ideas on my blackberry for future use, psychedelia & the like, a good ol' rumble every now and then, down home cooking, exercising (not so much being healthy), my Creator; my Destroyer.
Other Distractions:sh0rty what it dO ?! ...take it eazy~*


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