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About me:what do you say about yourself?...I kids, my hubby, friends, MUSIC, life, the spring time, moral mushrooms, having fun, dancing, laughing, making love, the sunshine on my skin, being naked, being around and close to the earth and nature, the beach, the rain, the sound of beating drums, bon fires, hugs n kisses, Faeries, and fairy tales, pirates...True, honest (to themselves and others) people. Forever Friends~ Forever Grateful.
Member Since:May 7, 2008
Last Login:May 19, 2008
Location:Circleville, OH
Birthday:February 10
Music means to me:It's my way of releasing myself into another world. It's soul cleansing for me. It touches the very essence of my soul and I can begin to be one with myself. When I go to fest. or shows...I leave my worries at the gate. I am just "me" while I am there. Not "mom" or "wifey" or "the office manager"...just "me" and I could never ask for anything closer to heaven for me while I am there...
Schools:High school Grad.
General Interests:Meeting new people and traveling.


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