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About me:I'm a singer/songwriter/musician, and I love everything about music... I'm from Brandon, MS but living in Hattiesburg. I will say goodbye to MS and move to Nashville, TN in the summer of 08. I love life and people and learning and growing. I love crazy stuff happening and questioning if it was coincidence or not.
"If you're not moving forward and looking at the big picture, you're settling and waisting your life."
Member Since:November 1, 2007
Last Login:November 1, 2007
Location:Hattiesburg, MS
Birthday:July 10
Music means to me:Music means everything...if there was no music, life would be unbearable. Music fuels my passion and motivates me to keep on truckin' ... i love every genre of music... my favorite is probably folk/singer/songwriter stuff.. i love good guitar and some mellow harmonies..
Music is our way of communicating our lives to one another and connecting with people on great levels. It can change lives.
Schools:Northwest Rankin High School-graduated in 2002
University of Southern Mississippi- graduating in May 2008
General Interests:tennis, soccer, baseball, guitar hero, wii, shopping, sales and clearance racks, elevation, God, funny people, comfy clothes, jewelry, beautiful sunsets, colors, the 60s and 70s history, reading, jammin', going to shows and meeting cool folks while listening to great music, traveling, taking chances, etc. etc.
Other Distractions:uh.. everything and anything. My phone, my computer, extracuricular activities, people, thinking.. ha everything