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About me:i'm a g00ftard, a music nerd, a soundwizard, aa sexwizard, lightgeek, a psych major and contemplater of the universe.
Member Since:May 13, 2008
Last Login:May 13, 2008
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Birthday:November 7
Music means to me:put it this way: i've got the Pearl Jam "Alive Guy" tatooed on my upper arm. I got a degree in mixing bands and programming lights. i wouldn't know 90% of my friends if they weren't guitar nerdz. there's never a time when a song is NOT stuck in my head.
Schools:2005 >> Associate of Science: Audio Engineering and Lighting Design
2011>> Bachelor of Arts: Psychology & Sociology (double major in progress)
a few years later>> Master of Arts: Psychology, Sociology, or Philosophy
some point after that>> a PhD in something rad
and sometime much sooner>> it will be summertime and i can start doing gigs again. :D weee
General Interests:nerdy shit, books, girls, art (making and appreciating), camping, nature, stargazing, movies (making/production more htan watching), watching people do skateboard tricks and fall really bad, my car, my brothers, and my cat
Other Distractions:everything. i'm entirely too intertesed inteh world around me... but sometimes it's mroe like a sick fascination over how life's so great at warping my mind.


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