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About me:Blissfully married, mucho proud papa, music gormandizer, incredibly flexible, overly optimistic, extremely incorrigible, easily distracted, too forgiving, write everything down in my head, always hungry for ice cream, very particular about pizza, difficult to impress, easy to befriend, always looking for a better deal, stinky brew quaffer, thinks macho is a Mexican appetizer, wears boxer briefs, rocks hard, eats hard, wears glasses cause I need em, master of ceremonies, generous to a point, would still be vegetarian if not for oysters and chicken wings, likes it hot, former spelling bee champion, hack disc golfer, aspiring zydeco dancer, pathological Googler, retro enthusiast, prospective biographer, vinyl collector, progressive patriot...
Member Since:October 28, 2002
Last Login:August 14, 2008
Location:Frederick, MD
Schools:Pennsylvania State University
General Interests:Musical preservation, sustaining democracy, achieving world peace, concert photography, a decent cup of coffee, friends you can count on, rugged rock shocks, tasty bit torrents, adventurous non-fiction, stupid human tricks, two-step programs, eating locally, sustainable farming, eclectic fests, gig posters, vintage vinyl, comfy shoes, environmental advocacy, enthusiastic volunteers, crispy disc golf, and naked ultimate
Other Distractions:Balloons... and evil clowns.


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